The Larry Mondello Band Catalog


The Larry Mondello Band's Greatest Hits
1978 - 94. More than you really wanted to know. Yikes!

The Warbler
1994. Could something this wild really have been recorded on a 20 year old $10 cassette recorder? It could.  This tape belongs in the Smithsonian. You're ready.

Mondello Mantras
1991. Aggressive somnambulism.

The Giant
1990. Super electronic fart symphony, recorded as a duo. Just 25 minutes long, but you won't care. A Major Work, with Love! #MM-13

Live At Populous Pudding
1989. An exciting live set, like you haven't had sex in five years.

Fun With Static
1981. Absolutely the best ever, with insert and poster.


Drunken Fall Leaves Larry Brain Damaged
Archival recordings, selected with care.
Coming in 2008!


1990. Semi-trendy non-hits - "Tuba Lesson", "Bug Up My Ass", "Slut" and "Quiver"!

Weekly Progress Report
1990. An accidental discharge, with the loveable "Sammy The Dragon".

Tuba Lesson
1989. Fabulous artwork, lo-fi recording.

Foreign Matter Exists/Six Is Ten
1979. Crude, quivering electronic songs, crudely presented to Daevid Allen. With matching crude booklet.

Mayfield Mornings
1980. Some stuff about a Peanut Vendor.


Hideous Video LP
1993. 32 minutes of hilarious insanity - the spirit of Larry is here.  Pass the popcorn!

Live At Populous Pudding
1989. A tour of the defunct Pudding, LMB in silver suits.