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Info about the Judge Smith/Steve Defoe project L-RAD also lurks within !






gear such as it is



Laundry Room Studios, Pleasant Valley USA

      • Billy’s cousin Eddie’s old guitar, the Rexina
      • Voice Changer, with robot, alien and ghost effects
      • Fart Gun, canned burp, fart and vomit sounds
      • spring driven Echo mic
      • Green alien bug, aka The Watcher
      • AM/FM/Shortwave radio
      • “Project X”, experimental cassette recorder
      • Casio SK-1 sampler w/ broken black keys and Psychic TV sticker
      • Norske blower organ, once owned by my Aunt Louise
      • Ye Olde Pirate keyboard (it hasn’t worked in years)
      • Guitar FX boxes: distortion, phase shift and chorus
      • Radio Shack mixer
      • Ampeg amp





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